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Meet Will Thompson, a fifth-generation musician who was naturally inclined to follow the muse. Surrounded by walls of instruments and a family full of talented musicians to guide his musical education, Will's passion for music started at a very young age.

At 18 years old, Will sold everything he owned and took out a loan to buy recording equipment. Locking himself away for months at a time, he learned what it means to be a musician, songwriter, and eventually, a producer.


To this day, Will Thompson's passion for music and his unwavering curiosity to adapt to changing times through musical experimentation and technological advancements remain as strong as when he was a child. He continues to push himself and his musical collaborations to create an unparalleled sound and an unforgettable experience for his listeners.

The Will Thompson Band is known for their high-energy performances and studio precision quality of sound in their live shows. Not to mention the infectious joy of seeing professional musicians comfortable in their zone and truly loving what they do.


Will has also shared the stage with talented artists such as Sheryl Crow, Brandy Carlile, Death Cab for Cutie, and many others.

Will Thompson currently lives in Panama City, Florida, with his wife (a successful songwriter, musician, and vocalist) and their children.

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